Ellen's Great Aunt Margaret's Copper Disks - Series 1


A couple of years ago, my sister-in-law  Ellen gave me a box full of silver and copper.  It belonged to her great aunt Margaret who had made jewelry and done copper enamaling into her 90s (we should all be so lucky to stay active that long!).  Ellen and my brother were in the process of selling their house and retiring to the coast (nice!) and she decided that maybe I could use the metals in the box.  I think she just didn't want to move it.

I wasted no time in using the silver and gold filled metal.  I had lots of projects that called for both of them.  But, most of the box held copper - and lots of it was already cut into shapes.  I'm sure Margaret bought them that way and then enamaled them - some peices were even already enamaled.  But, I don't really like to work with copper.  For one thing, it takes more heat and it stinks when you solder it.  Well, I guess that's two things, but I digress.

For two years I would periodically get out these copper shapes and stare at them.  Stack them up.  Sort them by size.  But inspiration never struck.  Then a couple of weeks ago, it hit me - I was out of silver sheet!  And, I wanted to make jewelry.  So I got out the copper shapes again and stared until it occured to me; I didn't have to use them in the shape they came in.  So, I got out the smallest round copper pieces and started to play with them once again.

The first one I made into a lily pad.  I get lots of my inspiration from nature, and my water lilies had all just lost their leaves that week - too cold for them now.  I added a small lotus looking silver flower.  Then a small silver frog.  Then, I accidentally dropped several bits of silver onto one of the disks and I thought - hmm, how about a cup shape?  And so, the series began.   I ended up with 12 rings which I am calling Ellen's Great Aunt Margaret's Copper Disks Series 1. 

There are lots more sizes and shapes so I"m not sure what the next series will include - but I had fun with this one.   I"ll be taking pictures of the rings this week and hope to get them posted on the web next week.  Meanwhile, my silver sheet has arrived and I can get back to some previously planned projects.  But it just goes to show you - the creative process sometimes works best when it HAS to!


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