Road Trips and Rocks


I don't often get to talk to SanDee, but when she is in town we inevitably talk rocks.  I'm envious because she and significant other were on a trip and she was collecting rocks.  Something I haven't been able to do for quite a while.  Getting new knees has helped, but there is a limit to what the fake knees will let you do, and climbing rock cliffs is not recommended.

But, SanDee was meandering around the midwest and part of the east coast searching for rocks and historic sites along the way.  For a whole week!  I guess there are lots of folks out there who get to go on rock hunting trips pretty regularly, but I don't.  My full time job has no vacation time and I work year round.  So, trips of any length are out of the question.  I have trouble fitting in a quick search when I'm in California - and the darn rocks are everywhere!

SanDee and I started talking about some of the places we have collected and it turns out we've been to some of the same places.  If you get a chance to go to northern Michigan, there's a treasure trove of rocks to be had.  We both have native copper from the U.P. , Lake Superior Agates, Petosky stones, and some fossils.  We both love, love, love Isle Royale - not for rock hunting, but just 'cause it's gorgeous.  We both love the Painted Rock shoreline of Lake Superior and Tequamenon Falls - in the fall when the leaves change colors it's beyond words.  The rock formations are really something.

I sent SanDee on her way with some suggestions about where to see rock arches in Ohio, where to see Old Man's Cave and the Hocking Hills (which are marvelous rocks), and where to find Ohio flint,.  And of course, Garden of the Gods and Fyrne Cliffe here in southern Illinois.  Oh, and the fluorite crystals near Cave-In-Rock.  The pearl farm in Tennessee.  The list got a little long.  I hope she got to see some of them on her trip. 

In any case, our chats reminded me that I work too much and I need to go collect some rocks.  There have to be some that aren't up a cliff!


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