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Lots of Rock Shows

The Tuscon Gem and  Mineral Show has come and gone for another year, but late winter and spring are a time when there are dozens of smaller gem, mineral, and fossil shows going on all over the country.  I just spent about an hour looking up shows listed just for the rest of February and March.  And, I'm sure I didn't find them all.  Still, I posted all that I did find on my facebook page.  If you are looking for a show to attend between now and mid-March, lots of them are posted there.  I'll be posting more for the last half of March and April over

Dad's Favorite

My father had surgery a couple of weeks ago - serious surgery.  Which got started quite a bit later than scheduled.  So, while we waited for him to go up to the operating room, we talked.  About rocks.  Well, other things too, but we always end up talking about rocks.  And, as we talked, it occured to me that my Dad has a favorite.  Not me.  A favorite rock.

Rocks and the crawly things they sometimes attract

I have quite a few rocks.  I'm not talking about the little polished rocks that I set in jewelry or that you buy in jewelry - I have big hunks of rocks.  I intend to cut and polish them - but in the meantime they live in my garden shed in crates and boxes.  I love to just go out and sort through them and imagine what I'll get once I slice them up.  (yep!  that takes a big saw)  I sometimes go through them before I head to a rock show so I can make sure I'm not looking for duplicate rocks at the show.  I have a list, but sometimes I misplace it.

Rock Shows

You may have heard of the Tucson gem and jewelry show.  It's in February every year and it's one of the biggest in the world.  For many of the booths and tents, you have to have an invitation to get in.  Others are open to the public for a fee.  Unfortunately, I can't go.  First of all, it's in Tucson - which is a long way from where I live.  Second, it's expensive to go and pay admission to the various venues.  I feel left out every year.

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