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Delaware State Symbols: State Fossil Belemnite

Delaware doesn't have as many state symbols as some states, but they do have a state fossil and a state  mineral.  I'll start with their state fossil the belemnite.

Rockhounding in Arkansas

There are lots of other rocks to find in Arkansas.  The Rockhounding Arkansas website divides the state into five regions for rockhounding and fossil collection.  The Ouachita Mountains area has been discussed in the previous posts, so I'll share a little information about the other regions.

Arizona Rockhounding

Arizonal is also called the Grand Canyon state and has so many rocks, gemstones and minerals it is a rockhound's paradise.  You can find agates, jaspers, meteorites, fossils, rhyolites, malachite, azurite, chrysocolla, native copper, gold, silver, selenite roses (aka Cherokee Tears), aragonite, hematite, various quartzes, etc..  Here are a few of the places you can go look for rocks.  All listed here are public access.  Remeber that Arizona has a day and year limit for collection - 25 pounds per day and 250 pounds per year - and collection cannot be for commercial pu

Rockhounding in Alabama

 Over 190 mineral species can be found in Alabama.  Included are agates, amethyst, andalulsite, apatite, calcite, emeralds, fluorite, ilmenite, magnetite, monazite, onyx, opal, rutile, tourmaline, turquoise and gold.  

The Really Big Show

If you are a rock hound or someone who loves gems, minerals, fossils, and/or jewelry, the place to be right now is Tucson, Arizona.  As Ed Sullivan used to say, "ladies and gentlemen, we've got a really big shew."  And it is - big. 

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