Little Turquoise Sterling Silver Handmade Ring


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This little 10 x 8 millimeter oval turquoise cabochon has a rich deep natural turquoise blue color.  It's embellished with three little sterling silver balls randomly set around the turquoise cabochon. Unfortunately, I don't know the mine this turquoise cabochon came from although the vendor said it is from Nevada.  It is stabalized, but not backed and does not have any signs of having been dyed.  I don't usually buy and set turquoise I can't authenticate, but this vendor is known world-wide and I've purchased many other very nice stones from them, the best of my knowledge, this is a natural stabalized turquoise from Nevada.  The little ball embellishments are recycled sterling silver from my scrap.  The band is 10 gauge 1/2 round sterling silver.  Size 6 1/4 (US).

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