Ohio Petroglyph Sterling Silver Earrings


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Sterling silver 1/2 inch discs are stamped with various petroglyphs found around Ohio to make these simple handmade earrings.  The discs are 22 gauge sterling silver and the ear wires are 20 gauge sterling silver round wire French style (a.k.a. fish hooks).  The drop on these earrings is approximately 1 inch.  Currently available stock includes the bird petroglyph from the Leo site, the two warriors petroglyph from the Dam #8 site, and a mammal petroglyph from the Leo site.  Other petroglyphs available include a snake and two other mammals from the Barnesville site, a turtle from the Babb's Island site, a warrior from the Kelley's Island Inspiration Rock site, and the birdman figure from the Kettle Hill site, however these will require a few extra days as they would need to be made. 

Please indicate the petroglyph desired in the Comment section of othe order form.  To see a list of petroglyph stamps available, the size of the stamp, and the original location of each petroglyph, see my Ohio Petroglyphs page.

Petroglyphs were found at many sites in Ohio:  unfortunately, many are no longer visible due to erosion, damage from vandalism, destruction of sites, etc. 

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