June 2016

Florida State Symbols: State Gem Moonstone

Here's an interesting fact:  Florida's state gem isn't found in Florida!  Florida chose moonstone as the state gemstone to honor the moon landings and all other astronaut controlled space flights that were launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Florida State Symbols: State Stone Agatized Coral

Florida has a state stone and a state gem, although technically speaking, their state stone is a fossil.  I'll begin with the state stone, agatized coral (a.k.a. silicated coral and fossil coral). 

Delaware State Symbols: State Mineral Sillimanite

Delaware's state mineral is sillimanite.  Sillimanite is one of three alumino-silicate polymorphs; the other two are kyanite and andalusite.  Sillimanite is named after Benjamin Silliman (an American chemist  and the first professor to teach minerology at Yale University) by George Thomas Bowen who first described this rock.  It was first found in Connecticut in 1824.  In Delaware, sillimanite is found in the Brandywine Springs area in Newcastle County and near the Hoopes Reservoir.  The material found in Deleware is massive and fibrous.  It was named

Delaware State Symbols: State Fossil Belemnite

Delaware doesn't have as many state symbols as some states, but they do have a state fossil and a state  mineral.  I'll start with their state fossil the belemnite.