About Us

I'm a third generation rock hound.  I've loved and collected pretty rocks all my life - but I got tired of dusting them and decided to wear them instead!  Now I collect, cut and polish stones, and some of them, I make into jewelry - rocks for your jewelry box.

Most of the jewelry is made from semi-precious stones or minerals and sterling silver.  However some other metals are used for some pieces, and I do use some pretty glass.  All items include a complete materials list in their description.  I am not a gemologist and so I rely on the sellers to be honest about the actual content of the rocks that I use in my jewelry pieces. Of course, I have learned a few things through the years and so I am a pretty good judge of what is or isn't a good quality rock.  To see more information about the rocks I use to make my jewelry, check out my Gemstone Information page. 

Jewelry Box Rocks is an environmentally friendly enterprise - using as much recycled metal as possible (and recycling back), buying stones from reputable vendors who show concern for the impact of mining on the planet, buying materials from green powered suppliers, using vintage settings, etc.  Every effort is made to reduce the impact of this business on the environment.

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