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Rockhounding in Colorado

In poking around for information on rockhounding in Colorado, I found too much information to share! For example, just in the Salida, CO (again in Chaffee County) area I found:

Brown's Canyon; follow Chaffee County Roads 193 and 194. Old mines can be found off the side roads. You can locate fluorite, placer gold and copper. Dig through the tailings.

Marshall Pass: along the old abandoned railroad grade you can find jasper, marble, geodes, picture sandstone, rhyolite, and fossils.

Colorado State Symbols - State Mineral Rhodochrosite

This week I'm starting on Colorado's state rocks and fossils, beginning with the Colorado state mineral, rhodochrosite. Designated in 2002, rhodochrosite is found in many areas of the state, but none of the mines are as famous or as important as the Sweet Home Mine near Alma, Colorado. This picture is of "The Searchlight" rhodochrosite crystal found in the Sweet Home Mine.

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