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Rockhounding in Colorado

In poking around for information on rockhounding in Colorado, I found too much information to share! For example, just in the Salida, CO (again in Chaffee County) area I found:

Brown's Canyon; follow Chaffee County Roads 193 and 194. Old mines can be found off the side roads. You can locate fluorite, placer gold and copper. Dig through the tailings.

Marshall Pass: along the old abandoned railroad grade you can find jasper, marble, geodes, picture sandstone, rhyolite, and fossils.

California Rockhounding

So, that wraps up California. I'll start on Colorado next week.

BTW there are so many other things to look for in California. You can find tourmaline at the Himalaya Mine in Santa Ysabel and at the Pala Chief Mine, Ocean View Mine or Stewart Mine just outside San Diego. Nephrite jade can be found in many areas of the state. If you go to California, check out some of these museums that have great displays of interest to rockhounds of all ages. There are many more!

Rockhounding in Arkansas

There are lots of other rocks to find in Arkansas.  The Rockhounding Arkansas website divides the state into five regions for rockhounding and fossil collection.  The Ouachita Mountains area has been discussed in the previous posts, so I'll share a little information about the other regions.

Rockhounding in Alabama

 Over 190 mineral species can be found in Alabama.  Included are agates, amethyst, andalulsite, apatite, calcite, emeralds, fluorite, ilmenite, magnetite, monazite, onyx, opal, rutile, tourmaline, turquoise and gold.  

Moving a Rock and Jewelry Studio

It sounded like a good idea.  Moving that is.  My home is just too big  now that it's just me and a few furry friends rattling around in the house.  So, it seemed reasonable to downsize.  I don't know what I was thinking.

Rock Finds and Rock Shows - Family Entertainment

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, it's rock show season.  Lots of places to go look at rocks, buy rocks, get information about rocks and find jewelry.  I have a bad habit of going to these shows and getting sidetracked.  I always make a list of specific rocks and metals that I'm looking for, but somehow I always come home with items that were NOT on that list.  I am easily distracted by shiny things!

It's Nearly Mined Out!

Although no one would suggest I actually need more rocks at my house, that doesn't stop me from looking for more.  And, when I'm at home I sometimes have the gem and jewelry shopping channels on in the background.  The hosts are usually pretty knowledgeable about gemstones and jewelry.  Many are GIA certified. And, they have to keep up on what is going on in the field of gemstones and jewelry - it's their job!

Road Trips and Rocks

I don't often get to talk to SanDee, but when she is in town we inevitably talk rocks.  I'm envious because she and significant other were on a trip and she was collecting rocks.  Something I haven't been able to do for quite a while.  Getting new knees has helped, but there is a limit to what the fake knees will let you do, and climbing rock cliffs is not recommended.

The "Jewelry Gene"

I was talking to a long lost friend last week and she was telling me how much she liked some of the jewelry on my website.  Well, that's always nice to hear.  But, we hadn't talked in years!  So, I asked about her children and what she's been up to for the last 15 years or so.  While updating me about her (now grown) daughter, she lamented that her daughter didn't get the 'jewelry gene." 

What is it about rocks?

I've never blogged before.  I've read them, but wasn't really sure why people blog.  Now that I have something to actually write about, I get it. 

I've loved rocks all my life.  I can remember as a little girl picking up rocks and washing them off to see what they would look like when they were "shiny."  Even before my father started cutting and polishing stones, I was fascinated by them.  And, I'm always surprised to find out how many people are equally fascinated by all the rocks Mother Earth produces.

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