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Never Enough Tools

I don't know if I somehow missed it, but usually this time of year one of my favorite supply houses has a big sale on jewelry making and rock cutting tools.  I'm disappointed I haven't seen the sale posted this year, but that didn't stop me from compiling my annual wish list of tools to buy. 

Traveling rocks

I've mentioned that my father taught me lots about rocks and gave me the equipment to get started cutting rocks and making jewelry.  This weekend, I was back home visiting my mother and the gifts from my father just seem to keep coming.  I was looking for some of my son's workout gear in the basement when I found yet more crystals and rocks and templates for cuttting cabochons.  I really thought I had them all, but Dad apparently had them stashed everywhere.  My house is like that.  I think I have all my rocks very organized - and for the most part I do.&nbs

Music and the Creative Process

My iPod died.  I mention this because I sat down on Sunday to work on a bracelet - a lovely turquoise and silver piece - and there was no music coming out of my iPod.  I wasn't sure I could make jewelry without music in the background. 

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