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The Really Big Show

If you are a rock hound or someone who loves gems, minerals, fossils, and/or jewelry, the place to be right now is Tucson, Arizona.  As Ed Sullivan used to say, "ladies and gentlemen, we've got a really big shew."  And it is - big. 

Traveling rocks

I've mentioned that my father taught me lots about rocks and gave me the equipment to get started cutting rocks and making jewelry.  This weekend, I was back home visiting my mother and the gifts from my father just seem to keep coming.  I was looking for some of my son's workout gear in the basement when I found yet more crystals and rocks and templates for cuttting cabochons.  I really thought I had them all, but Dad apparently had them stashed everywhere.  My house is like that.  I think I have all my rocks very organized - and for the most part I do.&nbs

Rare Rocks

It's been tough to get back to my rocks and making jewelry since my father passed away.  Then over the summer, life got pretty busy and I was away for most of the summer months.  But now it's fall and time to get back to work. 

Old Rock Hounds Never Die, They Just Pass On Their Love of Rocks

Three days after my last post, my father died.  It's taken me a while to be able to do much with my rocks, or to write about them.  Dad was my rock buddy and it seems pretty strange not to share what I'm doing with him.  From the time I was little, my dad dug, cut and made jewelry with rocks.  It fascinated me.  Still does. 

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Road Trips and Rocks

I don't often get to talk to SanDee, but when she is in town we inevitably talk rocks.  I'm envious because she and significant other were on a trip and she was collecting rocks.  Something I haven't been able to do for quite a while.  Getting new knees has helped, but there is a limit to what the fake knees will let you do, and climbing rock cliffs is not recommended.

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