14/20 kt Gold Filled Red Coral Earrings

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Deep red coral drops dangle from 14/20 karat gold filled textured circles.  Ear wires are 14/20 kt gold filled as well, so all that touches your skin is 14 kt gold.  The rich gold color sets off the deep red coral. The coral drops are 8x5 mm.  The gold filled circles are 10 mm.  Total drop on these red coral earrings is about 1 3/4 inches.  These will really set off that tan you're about to work on.

Gold filled is a legal term to describe a special bonding process where karat gold is bonded to brass.  At least 20% of the product must be at least the karat stated in order to sell as gold filled.  14/20 kt GF means that the karat of the gold used  is 14 and 20% of the product is that karat gold.  This is a permanent process and with care, the gold layer will not wear off as gold plating does.

For more information about coral, see Gemstone Information.

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