Chrysocolla and Sterling Silver Flower Handmade Ring

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I love to garden and have flowers in my home all the time.  Nothing lifts my spirits quite like a blooming flower.  So, I added three flowers to this freeform chrysocolla cab.  I don't know if there are turuqoise and green colored flowers, but the whole ring makes me think of summer and the garden.

The ring is a size 6.5.  The band is flower patterned half round sterling silver for comfort.  The chrysocolla freeform cabochon was cut by my friend John Baca.  Chrysocolla has to be waxed in order to cut and polish the stone as it is rather soft - only a 2 - 4 on the Mohs scale - and the waxing for chrysocolla is the same as for turquoise.  I wouldn't wear this stone when cleaning or swimming. OOAK

For more information on chrysocolla, see Gemstone Information.

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