Red Creek Stone, Citrine and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings


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Red Creek stone (also called Red Creek Jasper, although it isn't jasper) 1/2 inch shield cabochons are paired with 9 x 7 mm pear cabochons to make the perfect earrings for fall.  The Red Creek stone has deep green, soft red and gold.  The citrine drops are crystal clear rich yellow.  Both are set in sterling silver.  The handmade ear wires are sterling silver 20 gauge wire. The total drop on these earrings is 1 3/4 inches from where the wire rests in your ear.

Red Creek stone was found in 2010 in China.  They were looking for turquoise when they found it.  Although many call it jasper, and sell it as jasper, this stone is not as hard as jasper.  It cuts and polishes more like turquoise.  In any case, it has gorgeous colors and patterns, and I hope you like these pretty stones as much as I like them.

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