Sterling Silver Beaded Spinner Ring

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Although more popular now than ever, this type of ring has been around for a very long time - I originally knew them as fiddling rings (sort of like having a worry stone in your pocket).  Spinner rings require that you make at least two rings, one of which fits over the top of the other so that you can turn the top ring.  The trick is to then keep the top ring from coming off!  This is generally done by splaying out the edges of the bottom ring.

On this particular spinner - or fiddling - ring, I've taken 18 gauge sterling silver sheet 1/2 inch wide and topped it with a 14 gauge sterling silver beaded ring.  This ring curves enough that you can see the splay of the silver.  I tend to go up a size when purchasing any ring over 1/4 inch wide, but some of you may have fingers that taper less than mine.  In any case, this ring is a size 6.5. 

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