Kelley's Island Sterling Silver Large Pendant


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If you love the Great Lakes, and Lake Erie in particular, you've probably been to Kelley's Island. One of my favorite places in Ohio, Kelley's island has a beach for swimming, lots of fishing boats for hire, and golf carts to tour the island.  Kelley's Island is probably best known for the glacial grooves carved into the island's rock face during the last ice age.  

These sterling silver Kelley's Island pendants are hand cut - not punched - from 22 gauge sterling silver sheet, so each is slightly different.  The pendants come in two sizes.  The large pendants are approximately 1.5 inches and the small pendant/charm is approximately 3/4 inch accross.  You can have the KI stamped as in the picture here, or plain.  Indicate preference in order instructions.

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