Turquoise Stamped Oxidized Handmade Ring


Item Description


Gorgeous 15 millimeter square turquoise cabochon set in heavy oxidized sterling silver.  The turquoise cabochon is surrounded by sterling silver 1/2 beads.  The band has  traditional Navajo type eagle and arrow stamp pattern.  The sterling silver is oxidized to better show the stamping and to set off the half beads.  The band is heavy gauge sterling silver that is 1/2 inch at the top and tapered to 1/4 inch at the back for a more comfortable fit. This heavy band will keep this substantial ring in place on your hand.  The turquoise cabochon is stabalized and comes from one of the Nevada mines.  Size 11 3/4 (US) (Full disclosure:  I buy the stamps from a Navajo, but I'm not a Navajo. )

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